Tips for Cheerleading Tryouts

Cheer Try Out

Are you preparing for a big cheerleading tryout or competition? In addition to feeling comfortable with any memorized cheerleading routines, there are many ways to help ensure you have a successful tryout experience. Here are some useful tips from All Star Gymnastics and Cheer in Springfield, MO to think about while preparing for your cheerleading tryouts:

Eat, Sleep, and Hydrate Ahead of Time

We all understand the importance of eating and sleeping well the night before tryouts or a competition, but preparing sooner can be a huge help. Try to sleep and eat well the entire week of your tryout, and be sure to stay hydrated. Taking good care of yourself is important and will help your body regulate itself and ward off sickness. In addition, you will have more focus and energy, which can be an advantage.

Dealing with Details

When the big day of tryouts arrives, avoid preventable stressors like last-minute packing or navigating. Try on your entire outfit, including hair and make-up, two days ahead of time. Also get your bag packed with everything you need. Preparing early gives you some leeway and helps you avoid having to do laundry or run to the store at the last minute. Similarly, if your cheerleading tryouts are held somewhere unfamiliar, try to visit the location earlier in the week. The morning of, set a second alarm and allow for plenty of extra travel time. Eat breakfast and take along a few snacks, and pack your water bottle. In addition, consider turning off your cell phone to avoid outside distractions. You could also take along some headphones to pump yourself up with your favorite songs.


A line from the movie Annie says it best: you’re never fully dressed without a smile! Smiling is a simple way to boost your energy, and studies have shown that smiling helps to calm your nerves. If you are nervous about performing, try to visualize a successful routine in your head. You can also try implementing breathing exercises into your morning or warm-up routines. This will help keep you focused and calm, allowing you to do your very best in the tryout.

Good luck from all of us at All Star Gymnastics and Cheer in Nixa, MO!

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