Proper Technique of the Back Handspring

The back handspring is one gymnastics move that helps set your body up for the next step in your gymnastics floor routine. Because you are completing several different steps in this move, you have to begin your move with enough strength and speed so you have momentum to get through the last step of this handspring. Tumbling classes in Springfield, MO can teach you this valuable skill.

Sitting Position

When you start taking Springfield, MO gymnastics classes, you know you’ll learn new skills. Stand, both arms over your head, with your back to the spot on the mat where you want to end up. Start lowering both arms. When your arms pass your legs, begin to bend your knees. Sit back just as you would sit in a chair. Your center of gravity should be behind your feet.

Beginning Your Jump

Begin to swing both arms forward with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Push down against the floor with both feet. As you push from the ground, your feet and toes should move you completely off the ground. Now, swing both of your arms over your head at the same time that your legs straighten fully. Your feet will leave the ground and your body will begin to move backward.

Your body should resemble a rainbow at this point. Your hips and knees should not ever move forward in front of your feet. If this happens, your back handspring will be cut short.

Reaching Up and Back

At this point, your head should be neutral with your gaze straight ahead, until your arms pass by your ears on their swing upward. Keep your head in between your arms as you continue to travel backward. This means your head should be moving backward at the same speed as your arms. Reach back with both hands toward the floor as your body moves through the arch position.

Completing Your Block

By this point, your legs should still trail behind your hips as you are moving through your back handspring. Your hands should land on the mat before your body is fully vertical, in a handstand position. As your hands touch the mat, both shoulders should be fully extended with your head in between your arms. Position your hands so they are slightly turned inward and make sure your body is set up in a tight arch. Now, prepare to block off the floor. This movement should come from your shoulders and move all the way through every one of your fingertips.

Finishing with the Snap

Your body should “snap” from its tight arched position into a rounded and hollow position. Keep your arms positioned over your head. As you land, let your knees and feet finish just slightly in front of the rest of your body. Depending on your next move, your finishing position will vary just a little bit.

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