Learn the Benefits of Springfield, MO Gymnastics and How it Leads into Other Sports

It all begins with those early gymnastics classes you take your child to in an effort to help him or her burn off excess energy. Soon, you see your child tumbling, jumping and doing cartwheels and round-offs. Before long, you’re fielding questions about taking more advanced classes in gymnastics. You may not be aware that what your child is learning can actually help him or her when you start discussing other types of sports.

Overall Benefits

When you bring your child to a Springfield, MO gymnastics academy, neither one of you may be aware of the benefits he or she will receive. Aside from learning how to move his or her body in tumbling, dance and beam events, your child will begin to feel more confident about his or her ability to learn and perform new routines.

Listening to the instructor and practicing new gymnastics moves helps to teach your child how to develop good mental focus. Your child will have to learn how to concentrate for periods of time learning new skills. When he or she discusses learning a new skill, the teacher will probably set a deadline for learning and demonstrating that skill.

Increased Flexibility

Almost every sport requires its practitioners to be flexible so they can move quickly, sometimes with almost no warning. Lacking a degree of flexibility can potentially lead to unexpected and unnecessary injuries.

In gymnastics classes in Springfield, MO, your child will learn exercises and moves that help him or her to stretch his or her body much more than children who don’t practice gymnastics. If your child decides to enter another sport, this flexibility can prevent accidental injury.

Better Strength

In learning new gymnastics routines and apparatuses, your child will be required to strengthen his or her body–arms and legs, for instance. The most important element of strength development will be his or her ability to develop good strength in his or her core.

Think about some of the most famous gymnasts today. You’ve seen them completing routines that required high leaps and feats of sheer strength. This is what gymnastics will do for your child. This benefits him or her when you decide it’s time to try out for a different sport, such as volleyball, baseball, softball, football or soccer.

Awareness of Technique

Your gymnast child has to practice every routine, from floor exercise, balance beam, uneven parallel bars, parallel bars and the rings. His or her instructor has worked repeatedly on every second of every routine until the entire thing was absolutely perfect. This helps your child learn that what he or she is learning in gymnastics can be applied to other sports in which he or she might be interested.

Improved Spatial Awareness

Spatial awareness simply means knowing where your body is in space at all times. It’s vital that your child know where his or her body is in relation to the floor at all times. Not knowing this could lead to a painful crash against apparatus or even on the floor, which could lead to serious, career-ending injury. This connects to other sports when you realize that your child needs to know where he or she is on the softball diamond, football field or volleyball court.

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We have levels for toddlers through 13 years. Our younger kids program is built to get your little ones familiar with the moves and build the strength and coordination needed to progress to the next level. Our school-age program is based on the USAG Jr. Olympic Program.



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