Class Info

Session Dates:

  • September 6th-October 3rd
  • October 4th-October 31st
  • November 1st-November 28th
  • November 29th-December 26th (no classes Dec. 24th,25th,26th)
  • Session Break December 27th-January 2nd
  • January 3rd-January 30th
  • January 31st-February 27th
  • February 28th-April 2nd (There will not be classes March 6th-12th due to Spring Break)
  • April 3rd-April 30th
  • May 1st-May 28th
  • Summer Sessions Begin June 6th!

You may register at any time during a session in which your classes will be prorated based on the date you begin!

Annual Enrollment Fee: $30 for Individual and $45 for Family

Toddler Bears-(Ages 1- 3yrs) Parent & Child Class that emphasizes fun independent experience along with social interaction. Our Gymnastics Program will provide your child with  large motor skill development thru climbing, rolling, hanging and jumping on our 50 foot trampoline, preschool bars, balance beams and  obstacle courses designed for just their size!                       30 minutes in length 4 week session price $40 (+annual registration fee)

Bouncing Bears-(Ages 3-4yrs) Motor -Coordination Gymnastics Class designed to teach your child hopping, skipping, hand support skills, balancing, hand-eye coordination along with taking turns, listening and following directions.  This is all accomplished through a positive fun & energetic learning environment.

30 minutes in length 4 week session price $40 (+annual registration fee)

KinderGym-(Ages 4-5yrs) For older Preschoolers, this class is more skill-oriented than bouncing bears.  There is more structure with an emphasis on gymnastics skills.  Students will use all gymnastics equipment including uneven bars, balance beam, trampoline and Tumble-Trak.  Activities including handstands, cartwheels and bridges will also be a major part of this class.

45 minutes in length 4 week session price $42 (+annual registration fee)

School Age Gymnastics (Ages 5-13yrs) Level 1-5 Our curriculum is based on the USAG Jr. Olympic Program as well as our 15 years of experience teaching gymnastics to children.  This curriculum is designed to provide a non-competitive, achievement oriented program of progressive skills to help your children gain strength, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination and confidence.  Each child’s progress will be tracked and monitored through our Ribbon Reward System.  Once your child accomplishes all skills on their level, they will receive their Reach For The Stars Accomplishment Certificate!

1 hour class in length 4 week session price $42 (+annual registration fee)


Level 1 -Beginner Students

Level 2-  Students that have mastered Cartwheel, Backbend, Kickover, Roundoff & Handstand

Level 3 -Students that  have astered 1 hand Cartwheel, Handstand Forward Roll, Backbend Kickover, Front Limber

Level 4- Students that have Mastered Backwalkover, Front Walkover, Backhandspring on Tramp

Level 5- Students Must have Mastered Backhandspring on the Floor, Roundoff Backhandspring


Intermediate Tumbling-Students will work on lead up skills to achieve backhandsprings

Advanced Tumbling-Students that have mastered their backhandspring on the floor will be working on roundoff backhandspirngs, back tucks, & layouts

1 hour class $50 per 4 week session (+annual registration fee)

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