Benefits of Cheerleading at Your Local Gym

iStock_000006290696MediumWhen it comes to cheerleading, for most students, school participation is all that is desired. However, if your child does not have the opportunity to cheer as part of a school team or would like to supplement that with outside activity as well, a local gym can be the perfect place. There are many benefits to cheering at All Star Gymnastics and Cheer in Nixa, MO.

1. Cheerleading at the Gym Is Non-competitive.

Many schools have limited space and require students to try out for the cheerleading squad. If your child does not make the cut, this can leave him or her feeling left out. Teens can be cruel and focus on those with less skill. If your child wants to cheer in a stress-free environment, a cheerleading class can provide that opportunity. It may even encourage him or her to make friends outside of the school circle.

2. Classes Provide Individual Attention for Every Child.

When cheerleading is a school activity, there is often a single coach to supervise a dozen or more students. With limited time that must be scheduled around other school functions, it can be difficult to give each child the individual attention that he or she may need. In a gymnastic setting, there is more time to devote to each student. Classes are small and are often organized by skill level in upper grades, meaning that a child who needs additional support in one area will get it.

3. Gym Classes Are Open to a Wider Age Range.

Most public schools begin offering a cheerleading program in middle school or high school. If your child is younger and wants to participate, a gym is the perfect place to get a head start. Classes are available for preschoolers and elementary-aged students. Younger kids will have opportunity to start with simple tumbling and grow into the more athletic programs.

4. Cheerleading Is a Healthy Activity.

Cheerleading comes with many health benefits. Practice is an aerobic workout that contributes to a healthy heart, strong muscles, and endurance. Many of the moves also require coordination and flexibility. By participating in a regular class, a child will enhance each of these areas. This type of workout can reduce the risk for muscle strain and sports-related injuries. When starting at a young age, this instills an appreciation for exercise that will contribute to lifelong health.

5. Learned Skills Increase Confidence.

A child who starts young with tumbling classes will grow and change as the class moves forward. He or she will develop new skills, including cartwheels, backbends, and handstands. As a child masters each technique, he or she will become more confident. This positive attitude can spread to other aspects of life too.

If you are in the Springfield, MO or Ozark, MO area, you can take advantage of the benefits of All Star Gymnastics and Cheer in Nixa. Sign up to try out a cheerleading class for free and find out if this program is right for your child. Classes are small and open for enrollment year-round.

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