5 Reasons Gymnastics Will Help Your Child Reach Their Health and Fitness Goals in 2013

We’ve all marveled at the abilities of Olympic gymnasts, whether it be a beautiful floor routine or an amazing flip off the vault. Gymnasts are able to do these things because they’ve practiced so long and reaped the five basic benefits of gymnastics. If you are serious about improving your child’s health and fitness goals in 2013, read on to find out the benefits of gymnastics.

1. Gymnastics Improves Flexibility

Flexibility is important in gymnastics. Without it, gymnasts wouldn’t be able to execute a backflip so elegantly, or perform such gorgeous balance beam work. The benefits of flexibility extend far behind the floor mat, though. Flexibility helps reduce muscle soreness and improve posture. Being flexible also helps in everyday movements such as walking, lifting and bending over. It can even prevent the degeneration of the joints as your child moves into adulthood.

2. Gymnastics Improves Muscle-Tone

If you’ve ever seen a gymnast on the uneven bars, you might have wondered how they catch themselves after a flip and still manage to hold on. This skill is due mainly to muscle tone. That catch is hard on their arms. Without muscle tone, gymnasts wouldn’t be able to hold onto the bar after a jarring grab.

Muscle tone helps in many aspects of our day to day lives. From basic lifting to playing other sports, muscle tone helps us do these and more. It has also been proven that having more muscle helps to burn and keep fat off easier. Obesity is a real problem in our country. Making sure that your children have an adequate amount of muscle tone can help them achieve their health and fitness goals today and in the future.

3.  Gymnastics Improves Overall Conditioning

Gymnasts require conditioning to execute their routines. Without this, their routines would not be as long or as impressive. What exactly is conditioning, though? Is it just the ability to play a sport or exercise longer? Or is it more?

According to Wikipedia: conditioning is a determining factor in performance in events which have a duration greater than two minutes. Conditioning applies to sports events such as marathon running or cycling and everyday activities like mowing or taking a walk around the block.

4. Gymnastics Improves Coordination

Coordination is important for every aspect of gymnastics. Gymnasts need it to perform stunning floor routines and execute perfect flips off the vault. Coordination is important for more than just gymnastics, though. We use it in our everyday lives, even when walking! It has also been shown to improve scores in tests for creativity. Of course, coordination is also useful in other sports and physical activities.

5. Gymnastics Promotes Better Moods

If you’ve ever felt the “high” after a good workout, you know that exercise can make you feel amazing. That’s because exercising releases hormones to the brain such as serotonin and dopamine. These hormones improve mood. While gymnastics is an excellent sport, it is also a form of exercise. A child who exercises regularly reaps the benefits of these feel-good hormones, helping to keep them happier and more focused. And doing something that makes you feel good is always a plus!

Gymnastics provides many more benefits than these five, but they are some of the best. We will discuss more benefits in later blog posts. For now, if you have any questions, you are welcome to call us at 725-1304. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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