4 Benefits of Gymnastics for Toddlers

Balancing, jumping, and climbing: toddlers love to stay active, and gymnastics is an ideal outlet for that level of energy! Discover a few gymnastics benefits below, and then contact us for more information on toddler tumbling classes in the Springfield, MO/Nixa area.

1. Gym Time is Fun!

Toddlers love to climb, run, and jump, and the gym is a safe and fun place to play. Enjoy watching your child burn off some extra energy as he or she explores everything from trampolines to low balance beams. You might be amazed when it comes to your toddler’s resilience and perseverance when faced with a tumbling exercise.

2. Socializing

Little ones may be a bit timid when approaching a new activity, but will likely come out of their shells after watching a few other children take turns. Socialization is important for young children, and gym time makes it easy for kids to interact and grow.

3. Learning to Listen

Even the tiniest tots will learn a few gym rules. During group classes, toddlers will work on listening and paying attention while copying movements. From imitating stretching or tumbling exercises to following directions for using equipment, children will quickly realize how to work in a team and respect other children, adults, and equipment.

4. Developing Motor Skills and More

Gymnastics is a comprehensive sport and activity that develops flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, and more. This is especially important for your growing toddler, who is developing and learning at a rapid pace. Starting gymnastics at a young age helps set a precedent for a future healthy, active lifestyle.

Specialized Classes Just for Toddlers

If you are interested in toddler gymnastics in Springfield, MO, All Star Gym and Cheer has a couple of great options for you. On Tuesday mornings, the open gym session called Mommy & Me is a perfect opportunity to let your child explore and play, with trampolines, balance beams, a large inflatable castle, and more. The 45-minute session is just $5 per child, with activities for children who are just crawling to those up to seven years old.

Interested in enrolling your child in a structured class? Our gym offers sessions for children of all ages. Toddler Bears is parent-involved and designed for children from 1-3 years old, offering motor skill and coordination development through jumping, climbing, tumbling, and more. Bouncing Bears, for children 3-4 years old, focuses on more advanced skills including hopping, balancing, skipping, and hand-eye coordination. Classes run in four-week sessions, but you can join anytime. Visit our website for more information on fees and dates, and let your toddler try gymnastics today!

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